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Customer Testimonials
Here's why our clients value our Government RFP Finder and Notification service:
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It's really nice to have such prompt attention to occasional glitches. We've recommended your service to at least half a dozen other firms, and everyone who's signed up with you has expressed satisfaction with your service too.
Hatfield & Dawson
I was happy with the service provided.
TriAD Environmental Consultants
Your service is wonderful, and we’ve found it very helpful.
Bright Ideas USA
We stumbled upon FindRFP a few months ago, signed up, and won our first proposal. Without this service we wouldn't have a fraction of the insight we now have into the opportunities in our line of work. We have found that the service is simple to use, and the results are relevant. To us, FindRFP is a very valuable tool. We haven nothing but good things to say about findRFP.
Atlas Group
Find RFP has provided us with the value that is beyond measure. We won another bid this month from the notifications they sent me. The return is so big for the small investment. Thank you for the excellent service!
United Construction and Roofing LLC
To Find RFP's credit, during my trial period, the first search resulted in an RFP seeming well suited to our firm's security solution. The bid was submitted a few days later, and soon thereafter - We Won!
I wanted to let you know I just received notice today that I won a bid for the appraisal services for the City of Huntington Beach, CA, Economic Development Department. I would not have known about this bid if it weren't for your service. Your service works!! Thanks.
Tim Cullen Real Estate Appraisals
The daily notification makes me aware of projects that I would not otherwise know about without adding more support persons. It provides good value to us. We are very satisfied with the service.
Vector Sale
You are truly the BEST! It provides us with the most complete listing of government contract and RFP. Subscribing to the notification service makes sure that we don't miss anything!
I won a big contract after I signed up for the membership! I have hired two helpers this year to do the work. I would not have known about that project had I not used the notification service.
J&J Pump
You're our most productive source of national leads. We subscribe to a few other services, but rarely find things not already seen on findRFP.com! We just switched to your annual plan after determining this.
Quality Electric Supply Inc.
Over the last several years we have found your service to be invaluable. Just the amount of time our sales team saves, that would have been expended tracking down RFPs, is worth the subscription cost. We've closed several deals that FindRFP made us aware of that we would have otherwise missed altogether. We tried other similar services but none come close to your service. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Core Solutions Inc
I like your service very much. It is very helpful not to have to sort through a myriad of solicitations that aren't germane to my segment of industry.
The Front Line Group
This is great. As with any new online service, I was skeptical and thought the trial would help me feel out the benefits of your site. But already, due to the personal attention and help I'm receiving, I'm very happy with your service. I'll start bidding and if this proves beneficial to me, I will definitely subscribe to keep using your service! Already you have saved me time and made the process easier by setting up my email notifications based on my target needs. Thanks, again!
I would like to take a moment and address your customer service. As you know there are many companies to choose from, but because of your ability to communicate with clients, I selected Find RFP as a direct result of this.
Affordable Insurance Group
Thank you for your quick reply. Your customer service is very impressive as well as very informative! Please pass this on to your management. Have a great day!
Cynmar Corporation
Ok-- I am loving this new service-- state opps with Federal funding w/ the FBO crossover-- Im in!!!!
The RFP site has been beneficial to us in the student insurance market. It has enabled us to get notification of bids in the United States quickly and therefore giving us plenty of time to get a response submitted. I plan on utilizing this site through 2014 and beyond. Thank you!
Pearce and Pearce, Inc.
You do a great job. Of all the services I have seen, you select correctly what we need.
I can't say enough good things about your service. The price is right. You respond right away to problems. It's a new year and I had to make tough choices about what subscriptions I'd renew. There was no question that the first one I'd renew would be FindRFP. Keep up the great work!
Susan Kemp Consulting LLC

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