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Why FindRFP Is The Industry Leader In Government Bidding Solutions
With a proven track record of securing new government bid awards for our clients, timely and efficient customer and technical support and the most accurate information on the market, FindRFP has been able to retain an edge over industry competition for over ten years. We pride ourselves on delivering to you the most timely and efficient information to make the bidding process as smooth and painless as possible. Aside from our rock bottom prices and unmatched customer and technical support, here are reasons why FindRFP continues to be the industry leader in government bidding solutions:

Expansive Source Database

After over 10 years of tracking, databasing and building relationships directly with government agencies across North America, FindRFP guarantees our range of sources is the most exhaustive on the market. FindRFP’s all-encompassing source database ensures that any and all levels of public government entities are being tracked on a daily basis including: federal, state, county, city, municipalities, townships, universities, school districts, hospitals, police and fire departments, correctional facilities and water and public utilities. To view a snapshot of our over 100,000 government sources, please visit our "RFP Sources section"

Methods and Execution

FindRFP uses a variety of methods to ensure we have the broadest coverage when tracking bids on a daily basis including: pioneering website interface search technology, teams of experienced industry researchers and direct relationships with government agencies. On a daily basis, the FindRFP team is categorizing, organizing and optimizing every bid entering our system to make sure they reach you based upon your customized keyword, industry and geographical specifications.

Delivering Accurate Results

FindRFP will match new government bid opportunities according to customized keyword and geographic specifications on all customer accounts and send them via daily email notifications. Our easy to use email notifications make accessing the information as simple as possible. No logging in required. No restricted information. Customers will be able to simply click on bid titles provided in email notifications and start working on the bid packets.

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