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Education Bids, RFPs & Government Contracts in the Education Industry

  Education bids, RFPs and contracts are searchable in the Find RFP database. You can find thousands of government contracts, request for proposals, GSA bids, RFTs, RFIs, RFQs in education . These include biding and RFP opportunities from federal, state, and local government agencies, cities, counties, municipalities, towns, and schools. Search Find RFP’s comprehensive database of education bids and contracts such as government contracts for education and school supplies such as textbooks, books, and maps, local bids for sporting goods, athletic and fitness equipment bids, RFPs for education services such as education training and e-learning, and other bids and contracts. Below is a list of industries within the Education industry. You can get these Education RFPs and bids sent to you automatically with the RFP notification service. Take a Free Trial to get full access now.
Search and Find Education Bids & RFPs by Industries
IDFederal, State, Local Government Bids, Contracts, RFPStateIssuing Agency
1Web Based Data SystemWest Virginia (WV)State/Local
2Exceptional Student Services Sciences Textbook AdoptionsArizona (AZ)State/Local
3Exceptional Student Services Functional Math 1-2 Textbook AdoptionArizona (AZ)State/Local
4State Project S228-20/9-0.09 00 and State Project S328-20/9-0.09 00, Andrew Scott Memorial Bridge replacement, which carries Mercer County Route (CR) 20/9 over the Bluestone River, and is located approximately 0.02 mile east of Mercer County Route (CR) 120 in Mercer County, West Virginia. This project shall be a Preliminary Investigation and Engineering (PIE) project. Services shall consist of the preparation of a Design Study, geotechnical information for design, and other PIE project specifiWest Virginia (WV)State/Local
5State Project S254-14-24.76 00 and State Project S354-14-24.76 00, US Marine Danny Marshall Memorial Bridge replacement, which carries West Virginia Route (WV) 14 over Big Run, and is located approximately 0.11 mile north of the intersection with Wood County Route (CR) 21/2 in Wood County, West Virginia. This project shall be a Preliminary Investigation and Engineering (PIE) project. Services shall consist of the preparation of a Design Study, geotechnical information for design, and other PIEWest Virginia (WV)State/Local
6Plow Edges & Drainage Improvements & Apex All - Purpose Portable Storage Carts & Civil Svc Oral Examination Process for Supervising Vice Principal & Teaching Vice PrincipalConnecticut (CT)State/Local
7Early Childhood Program Quality & Professional Registry Data SystemDelaware (DE)State/Local
8Addendum 1 for 2020-21 Community Services Program and After School Youth Prg - Due Oct 12, 2020Pennsylvania (PA)State/Local
92020-21 Community Services Program and After School Summer Youth Program - Due Oct 12,2020Pennsylvania (PA)State/Local
10Community Development Demolitions - Five (5) locationsMissouri (MO)State/Local
  The above list is a small sample of today’s new government bids, request for proposals (RFPs) and government contracts in Education. Search Find RFP database for additional government bidding and contracting opportunities in the Education industry.
Industry Categories Related to Education (all categories)
Textbooks & Publications
School Supplies
Musical Instruments
Athletic & Sporting Goods
Fitness Equipment
Park & Playground
Education & Academic Services
e-Learning Systems
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