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Customer Testimonials
Here's why our clients value our Government RFP Finder and Notification service:
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I appreciate the prompt response to my inquiry. A competitor of yours was lax in this regard and rarely responded. This reinforces my reasons for sticking with Find RFP.
Claim Technologies Incorporated
I had a problem with my browser incompatibility and they were quick to fix it even though it was not their fault. Thanks! Your tech support is top-notch!
Internet WorkShop
Thank you for your help and I love your service. It is the best investment I have made in a long time.
Ackerman Security
I just saw the notification e-mail and it was tremendously helpful. I was not aware of the Delaware opportunity so I am excited to review that shortly... Thanks again for your e-mail and I am impressed with the site and your attentiveness thus far.
Bravo Health, Inc.
I have enjoyed the service and would recommend it highly, well worth the price.
ACS Dataline
I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Your professional help was great. You relayed the "how to" in words I could understand. I just wanted to let you know. Have a great day - THANKS!
Progress Marketing Group
I, for one, belong to your very satisfied customers. You have set up the search the way I wanted, you gave me a lot of good leads and you can use my name as your references.
Telephonics Corp
We decided to cancel our account with RFP Depot because in the 9 months that we've been with them, we have not seen one RFP that fits the contracts we would like to capture... Your website allows us to be specific about what we are looking for; we were able to write specific details rather than just entering class codes.
Wellpartner, Inc.
Please know that we found your service to be excellent and a great bargain and we would recommend your service to those interested in federal/state/local public procurements.
UXB International, Inc.
Many thanks for the information and I am impressed with the quality of service. You are one of the true good professionals I have met. With this customer caring attitude, you'll have a lot of success in life.
Skylink USA
Find RFP is the third service I have subscribed to in recent months and I have to say that in the first 24 hours, you are blowing the others away!!! Keep up the good work!!
The Associates, LLC
I appreciate the service your company provides, I am not talking about the quality of RFP I get to see, I am talking about the GREAT Customer care and support well prior to seeing any RFP's it is the way business is supposed to be and what so many companies got away from in this High Tech Age and it is obvious your company embraced it.

Congratulations for providing the Best Customer support I have witnessed in many years.
I appreciate your prompt follow-up and the fact that you have gone ahead and setup my criteria. I received your alert and so far find it too be the most complete of any of the services I'm reviewing. Thank you for taking the time to go the extra mile.
Ancestry DPS
I am impressed with the timeliness in your response and your willingness to further improve the resources that you utilize for a more robust offering of services. Thanks.
Pinkerton Government Services
This is an outstanding product that is going to help us tremendously. I've already had others ask me where I found what I've already found. Thank you!!
Thanks a million for the prompt and helpful reply and the clear explanation of the registration issue. We don't see that quality of service very often. You can use my name and company too if you want. I really appreciated your very professional and prompt response.
Wavecrest Computing
Thank you for your help. I like the service especially since it is individual and we are not another client number like other services. I must tell you that we have considered other services and we chose yours. I am glad we did!
International Garments Manufacturers Ltd
Many of the subscription services we subscribe to list many of the same bids and requests. The difference in the services that you are providing us is that it's affordable and offers national coverage, provides daily reports and the format is easy and quick to analyze, and the links provided are usually valid to a great degree. This differentiates your service from many others. Thanks.
Gulf Ice Systems Inc.
We used to need a dedicated staff looking for leads. Since we started using your service, we have been able to find more projects with less time. Now I can spend more time working with my clients.
Classic Catering
As the president of FixedWirelessONE, a design and deployment firm for fixed wireless data connectivity, I am very pleased to discover your notification service. It has allowed us to stay on top of the biggest projects becoming available, not only around our state, but around the nation!

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