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Public Safety, Gunshot Detection, and RFPs
With shootings becoming all too commonplace in the United States and gun-related deaths on the rise, “smart” cities, counties, and municipalities all across the country are investing in gunshot detection technology. These “smart” cities have been investing in the latest, state-of-the-art technology to improve their infrastructure, transportation, and public safety, among other services.

The use of gunshot detection technology has been rapidly growing and expanding. The most common form of the technology today senses gunfire electro-optically. It is able to sense when bullets are fired as there is a flash as well as heat and friction produced. They can also sense bullets flying through the air, triangulate the position of where it originated, and notify law enforcement in a matter of seconds. These systems are not only being used in metropolitan areas, but in other vulnerable institutions such as schools, campuses, and even power plants.

As gun violence and firearm-related mortality have been on the incline, more and more law enforcement agencies and citizens alike are demanding better technological support for public safety issues. As a result, bids are flowing into the government marketplace for advanced technological gunshot detection systems. In fact, in October of 2014, New York City, NY awarded a $1.5 million dollar contract to SST, Inc. to provide their patented gunshot detection and location system, ShotSpotter. Also, in May of 2015, the District of Colombia awarded another contract to SST, Inc. for about a half a million dollars to provide operational maintenance and support for an existing gunshot detection system.

Cities, municipalities, and communities are recognizing more and more the need for gunshot detection systems to be used by law enforcement to increase safety and security and reduce gun violence and related deaths. Information technology, operations, maintenance, and any other firms that specialize in geographic information systems (GIS) or global positioning systems (GPS) must look no further than FindRFP to be able to acquire and pursue opportunities of interest.

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